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DRC Global Event 2020

In this new decade, the need for addressing climate change, environmental degradation and forced displacement, is more pressing that even. As organisation and sector, working with and for forcibly displacement people, need to find new nimble and comprehensive solutions beyond the business-as-usual.

DRC Global Event 2020

DRC Global Event 2020 Climate Change and Forced Displacement set the stage, provided contextual understanding, and sparked our collaborators/readers imagination of where humanitarian sector may be able to apply and expand its impact in the climate decade.

What problems there are to solve; What value-creating role we might play; Who could be new playmates in the ecosystem and much much more.

Essential part of the futures-oriented innovation methodology that we use for the DRC Global Event 2020, the Pre-read is a signals scouting prepared by our thought-partner Dare Disrupt.

We hope you’ll enjoy the reading!

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Global Innovation Forum Output Report
Global Innovation Forum Output Report

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Warm Welcome and Introduction

Opening keynote: Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Forced Displacement

Parallel Sessions: Diving into the Climate-Displacement Nexus

Diving into the Climate-Displacement Nexus: Land, Displacement and Climate Change

Diving into the Climate-Displacement Nexus: Data and Displacement

Conversation: Vision for the Humanitarian Sector

Talk: Resilience Design - Integrating Regenerative Practices Into Humanitarian Work

Parallel Sessions: Circular Design for Urban Displacement Contexts

Closing Keynote: Climate Justice: 'Leave No One Behind'

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