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Global Forum 2022 on Local Innovation

Nov 29th 2022, those interested in tackling displacement issues through localized, innovative approaches gathered for an exciting day of events. With keynote speeches, interactive seminars and the opportunity to interact with industry experts and local leaders, this was an event to remember.

Output Report 2022

Humanitarian action has undergone some significant changes throughout the past decades, and the future looks to hold more changes in sight.

More than ever, the world is affected by issues surrounding displaced populations. In reaction, actors like the DRC are exploring solutions to these global challenges to become more knowledgeable, responsive and accountable towards displacement-affected people. Answering questions like, how might we improve our ways of work? How might we develop a more future-proof narrative? How can we empower local innovation in humanitarian contexts for better and more sustainable outcomes?

With the ethos of collaborative action in mind, November drew together a range of various actors who do not commonly share the same platform. The DRC Global Innovation Forum 2022 on Local Innovation in Humanitarian Contexts – a journey that seeks to spotlight and empower local innovators in humanitarian contexts, igniting global conversations around social innovation and build new local-to-global partnerships. We will experiment to connect grand innovation missions with local power and global pull.

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The events of 2020 (#climate change) and 2021 (#digital divide) drew several hundred global online participants and offered a wealth of inspiring talks, refugee voices, expert technical knowledge, sharp interviews with sector experts and high-level interventions. Now it's time for our third event.