Watch 2022 Recaps

Keynote Speeches

Catch up on the key note speeches from the Danish Refugee Council Secretary General, Founder of Shining Hope for Communities, and Chief Growth Officer at Village Capital.

The Importance of Local Innovation

Charlotte Slente - Secretary General of DRC

Our keynote addresses open with the General Secretary of the Danish Refugee Council, Charlotte Slente, giving her take on supporting innovation in displacement contexts. She will touch on DRC's work in enabling innovators and what future engagements might look like for DRC.

The Journey of a Kenyan Grassroots Movement

Kennedy Odede - Founder of SHOFCO

Our second keynote is a Kenyan social entrepreneur and author of a New York Times best-seller - Kennedy Odede. He touches on his journey from the Kibera slum to founding the largest grassroots movement in Kenya, lessons he learned along the way and how others can create positive change.

Supporting Innovation, a Venture Fund Perspective

Reem Goussous - Chief Growth Officer at Village Capital

Reem Goussous, Chief Growth Officer at Village Capital, prior Managing Director of Endeavor Jordan and former member of the DRC Jordan RYSE Project High Level Board of Experts, takes to the stage to give her perspective on supporting local innovation in displacement contexts.