Global Forum 2022 - Local Innovation in Displacement Contexts 29.11.22

This year's Global Forum dove into local innovation in displacement contexts. We spotlighted and empowered local innovators, igniting global conversations around social innovation and build new local-to-global partnerships for better solutions with and for people affected by displacement.

" alt="DRC Global Forum 2022 on Local Innovation in Humanitarian Contexts Drew Beamer on Unsplash">

DRC Global Forum 2022 on Local Innovation in Humanitarian Contexts Drew Beamer on Unsplash

This year it is all about Local Innovation in Humanitarian Contexts
Global Event 2022 - 29.11.2022

This year it is all about Local Innovation in Humanitarian Contexts

This year, we experimented with purpose connecting grand innovation missions with local power and global pull. How might we do better and how might we develop a more future-proof narrative by empowering locally-led solutions? And how can we together, with new brainpower and engaging in mission-driven innovation, develop solutions in humanitarian contexts for better and more sustainable outcomes?

We had different keynote speeches, interviews and panels. Together we are going to explore how we might change systems to empower local leaders. Furthermore how grassroots organizations can act as change agents and how social innovation is possible in challenging contexts.

Overall what we wanted to build are new partnerships for innovative and better solutions in displacement contexts.

What happened on the day?

What happened on the day?

The event was scheduled for 29th Nov from 10 – 14:45 CET, and so significantly shorter than previous years’ events. Another change is that we devoted an entire segment to showcase refugee innovators and other change-makers from displacement-affected contexts. Our Secretary-General gave a keynote about local approaches, and we invited powerful speakers to make it clear how people, innovation and localization are key factors for solutions in displacement contexts. We had plenary sessions, and panel discussions on working with and supporting innovation in humanitarian contexts, with a focus on local innovators and how we can all as an eco-system better work with and support local change agents. We helped spotlight local innovators and international actors working in this field, encouraging local-to-global partnerships to achieve better solutions for people affected by displacement. The audience came from 59 different countries from the humanitarian sector, international and local, private sector, think tanks, academia and other partners.

Gain local perspective on humanitarian grand challenges, meet local and global experts from across sectors on stage and in network spaces who offer their take on social innovation for better futures and be exposed to new partnership ideas and opportunities

DRC Global Forum team 2022

A third of its kind

Every year DRC sets out to explore problems and their solutions around a pressing topic of transnational dimensions, which affects displaced populations, and which challenges the humanitarian sector.

As we strongly believe in the value of collaborative action and knowledge, DRC seeks to enable an event brimming with actors that we do not normally engage with.

Actors who will make us smarter, more responsive and accountable towards displacement affected people.